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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Built Ford Tough, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. For all the Leaf fans on here, how do you think they will do this season?

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    We already have a thread like this here somewhere. But im to lazy to find the link but I'll repeat what I said.

    I think their off season moves were the start of something big for the team but they still need some improvments that will come with time. For now I see them as a low seed enterting the playoffs. They will be hungry but their fate might play a damaging role.

  3. Oh I didn't know about the other thread. Sorry about that.

    I agree with you, I really liked their offseason moves and think that they are now a playoff team. I think they will finish around 6th or 7th. With all of thier experience, they can be a pretty dangerous team if they do get to the playoffs though.
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    We always are. I think this year if we had to make the playoffs we would have beat Buffalo because we hardly lost to them during the year. We found ways to score and prevent them from scoring but of course we had to fall in the end of the year.

    The Leafs can make some noise if they are in the right situation.
  5. What offseason move do you think will have the most impact? Signing Blake or getting Toskala?

    Personally I think that the Toskala move is very underrated. He has proven to be a very good goalie that can easily be a starter on almost every team in the league. The Leafs finally have their number 1 goalie and I think that is going to propel them into the postseason.
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    I think the Blake move is better because now we have a very talented winger to play on the top line which is hard to get in Leaf country. But at the same time the move to get Toskala was also very good as well. Now we have a very dangerous 1-2 punch that MANY teams will fear. I think the only better combo in the NHL would be in Anaheim.
  7. What do you think of their play so far this season?

    Personally, I honestly think they should be 3-0-0. The first Ottawa game they definetly should've won. They controlled most of that game but they just couldn't hold the lead in the last few minutes of the game.

    The second Ottawa game they pretty much controlled from the beginning. They just couldn't find a way to score. Their powerplay was a let down. They had a lot of good chances but couldn't finish. That was a very tough loss. They easily outplayed the Sens in that game IMO.

    I didn't see much of the Montreal game, the last 10 minues and OT. They played pretty well in that game. Toskala was huge in the OT and saved the Leafs at least 2 or 3 times. Glad they pulled that one out.
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    So far personally I think the Leafs have played some good hockey but they still have to get better to go anywhere. They should be 3-0 I'll agree with you big time there and I gotta say that their new players and younger guys are stepping up a bit and helping out so if we can get at a pace were able to play all year we could be hard to beat.
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    I think the leafs can go very far this year. I see them entering the playoffs as a 6th or 7th sead. The reason I think they can go far is because of the young talent of the team, I think matt stajan has been their best player so far this season behind sundin, steen is picking up his game, guys like antropov,wellwood and Colaiacovo are capable of having really good years. Sundin and Blake not only proabably the leafs best players but the two people that have said that they really want to bring a cup to this city. Then with Toskala and Raycroft in net, 2 goaltenders that are capable of being number 1's , you just need one of them to get hot and they could go really far. Not to forget Paul Marice who did lead a very underated hurricanes team to the stanley cup finals in 02.
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    That man could be the real difference maker. Sometimes you can see that he's negative with his team and they seem to lose but if they can keep their heads up all year long they have a good chance. I mean yes they have the talent like was mentioned but they have to stay free of the injury bug and play the role of underdog so to speak. They won't be a 4th or 5th seed but a 6th - 8th seed is better then missing the playoffs again. Then just play that underdog role like we've seen from many teams in the past and bam were in game seven of the stanley cup finals up 9-0 with 2 seconds left:D

    ... In lala land but none the less.

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