Le Comte de Monte Cristo

Discussion in 'Art & Creative' started by Malificus, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Who has read this book?

    It's a great story of betrayal and revenge. A must read for anyone who hasn't read it. I first became interested in it when I noticed my cousin is reading it half the time, then I saw one of the movies, and once I started Gankutsuou, I had to read it.

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    Read book, saw movie, and read book again. The Count of Monte Christo in the Chateau D'iff... it's all a metaphor I think...perhaps author (Dumas?) was thinking of containment at that early time as it is certainly allegorical; revenge is certainly a touchstone but Count backs off from it at end... wonder why?
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    It's Alexander Dumas.

    Its all metaphorical, any piece of decent literature is atleast a simple metaphor of some greater message. It's called a theme. Although I think the theme of the story is a lot simpler then you were trying to make it.

    I think it's basically just "hatred can corrupt a good man", "jealousy is the root of all evils," and "revenge destroys all...even the avenger." Your basic slections of themes and culture.

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