Lazy Colleagues


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Do they piss you off as much as me?

One of our directors at the firm I work for is lazy as hell, he sits on the internet all day purchasing crap off e-bay and messing around.

The most annoying thing is he gets paid far more than me and my closest colleague and we both work damn hard in comparison, it leaves me frustrated that we are both doing his work.

Do you work with any lazy colleagues and do they hack you off?


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Hell, the girl who sits next to me plays scrabble most of the day and she makes at least 3-4K more than I do. Ya I'm pissed off but can't do much about it since she ain't in my division. Hell, I gave myself a 10% raise 2 years ago and if it wasn't for this saving money crap and furloughs and losing 200.00 from my paycheck everytime I'd give myself another 10% and will once we can get raises again.


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I used to work with someone who would either read gossip magazines/sites for hours or talk on her cell phone. She would put customers on hold to finish her not so private conversations which drove me nuts. I can't count how many times the woman put the blame on other people when something wasn't completed. What a bitch.


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Unfortunately I work in Sales Support so I have to support all of the sales teams. The annoying thing is that by support I mean I do everything and they just take a few phone calls. I have to process every single order/quote and they get to moan at me if I don't meet their ETA. It really grinds my gears.


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I've had lazy colleagues before, even if they're rated low on performance appraisal, their job description has a higher salary range than mine and that's what's annoying about it.


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Not necessarily lazy but one of the girls in my section is just terrible at her job but gets paid about a third more than me as she is at the top of the wage bracket.

She's been there 27 years though, I've been there 9 months. I'll be here boss in a year the way I'm going though so her card is marked. Haha!


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I get so annoyed at work (I work in a clothes shop) and some of the people in there really do take the p*** coz I end up having to do what they didn't!! And it means I finish later than I should :(


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Unfortunaltly I work for a self employed guy who a few years back decided to take his son on board as well.
What pisses me off is if I am not out the door 30 seconds after he pulls up he gets the strop, but his son and my so called work colleague will get woken up roll over and say I aint working today, and daddy dearest will let him sleep.

If he does manage to drag his ass to the van he climbs in back and goes to sleep, he may stay that way untill half 2/ three in the afternoon.
If we have not got the work on for three people why the hell bring him.

He will try and get away with doing as little as possible when he does have to do something.

I have worked for this bloke for 12 years and found out a couple of months ago that his boy is earning 15 quid less than me, even though I work twice as hard.
But the main thing that gets to me is not the sleeping while me and his old man work or the fact he earns almost as much as me, it is the fact that he thinks he can boss me around and tell me what to do, even though he does not half the things about the job I do!, one day he will step to far and land himself a smack in the mouth.


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I have worked nine jobs so far over three years (my fault, never fired though and I do not blame my workplaces), and I before that I already knew about lazy co-workers.

I am the only one who can mold myself to be a quality employee and I think I have done a very good job. I have been late for one shift, ONE , because we had a mix up with the scheduling and it was my fault and I immediately reported to work.

I have not called in sick, I have done what is asked of me and I have gone to great lengths to do my job, if not exceed what is expected of me. Why? Because that is what you should do. If you feel as though you cannot do that for your job, you may be best to re-examine the situation and find something that will allow you to provide your full attention.

Now, I also have done this because I do not like to be the one who does 40% of the workload (when it is one person, which is what my job pertains to, I should be doing 100% of my job.).

I actually hate days off because depending on who is working my days off, I dread going back, knowing I will not have much stuff to work with, thus making my day longer than it should be because one person is too lazy.

I know my limitations and do my job very well imo. I take it seriously and I think in the long run, that will pay off with many rewards :D