Laws You Have Broken


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Alright, let's admit our shortcomings and list what laws you've broken.


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Well I'll start off with some I have been in court for...

Pos. of Marijuana/paraphernalia
Pos. of controlled substance
Smoking on school grounds

Also I've been fortunate enough to break these laws of:

Underage drinking.
Driving w/o license (hard to have a license when your 13.)
Shoplifting (was young.. everybody has to try it.)
Vandalism of a widely hated Jr. Highschool.
Harboring runaways (Can't so no to a hot chick that needs a place to stay.)
Cultivating Marijuana (Decided to leave it to the experts after that..)
Tripping on shrooms in a public park area.

The list goes on.. I wasn't wasting any time in my teen years.
- Assault
- Battery
- Possession of Marijuana
- Under the influence of Marijuana
- Shoplifting (when I was 4-5 I stole gum)
- Trespassing
- Breaking and Entering (Technically, I didn't break anything. The window was unlocked and I jumped in it. Not guilty? :lol:)
- Vandalism
- Underage drinking
- Jaywalking

All of them when I was under 18. I've been a good boy since. :D


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Possesion of Marijuana/Paraphernalia
Possesion of Shrooms
Shoplifting (accomplice)
Smoking underage
Drinking underage (a lot)
Public indecency (a lot)


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Armatures! :lol:

#'s 1-5 I got busted for :cry:, all the rest I never got caught. :D :lick:

1. B&E (2 counts) Broke into the base supply depot
2. GTA (3 counts) Hot wired 3 MP's jeeps and me and some friends took them for a ride.
3. Theft of government property (parachutes, MRE's and Flairs)
4. Destruction of government propriety (1 count) I broke the lock I picked
5. Assault on a govt officials (5 counts) self explanatory. 3 MP's, 1 DI, and 1 major general/commandant

6. Trespassing
7. Shoplifting
8. Driving without a license
9. Possession of drugs and paraphernalia on a military base
10. Tripping on school grounds
11. Dealing Acid
12. Street racing
13. Gambling on school grounds

Hell I have broken alot of laws in my youth, too many to remember.

All of this before I was even 15. :D Once I turned 18 and spent 3 years in Oats Military Academy I changed my tune and straightened up (a bit), it wasn't the school that did it, It was the fact that I could got to Real jail for this shit so I quickly changed my tune.

Now that I am an adult I look back on those days and think...What the hell was I thinking!

So Yeah I think I have broken a few laws in my day, how about you?