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Laws in your country?


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I know we have several people from many different countries here, so I was hoping maybe we could compare some laws and learn a thing or two about other countries laws.

I'll start with a few US laws since I live there. It's late so I'll start with just a few of the basics:

1. In the US it is legal to own guns as long as they are not automatic.
2. It is illegal to use prescription drugs without a prescription.
3. The legal blood/alcohol content level for driving is 0.08%.

So what are the laws for these issues in your country?

Also, feel free to add any other interesting laws your country has and we can compare and discuss. This could be an interesting thread. :)


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This is interesting. Some more US Laws:

-Generally you can get a drivers license at age 16
-The internet is self taxed - When you buy something online, you are required to file state sales tax on the purchase

-sorry too tired to think of others. lol.