Lauren Mayhew gone already


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Well that sure didn't last very long haha

She was alright when she was there...wonder who they'll put in to replace her? Chimmel did it tonight.


To update an earlier report, Lauren Mayhew, who appeared on ECW as the brand's ring announcer, has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Both parties were working together on a short term deal, but could not come to terms on a full term contract.

The word going around at today's television taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut was that the aspiring actress and WWE parted on amicable terms and the door was open for her to return to the company in the future.

Mayhew's profile has already been removed from the company website. Tony Chimel handled the ring announcing duties during tonight's episode of ECW.


Change the World
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She was cute and I liked her announcing style; that being said, she wasn't great at it. Maybe this is for the best.


Sultan of Swat
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I didn't like her at all, I've only heard her a few times and she got on my nurves most of the time. Hopefully the person that gets replaced is much better than she was. But personally I don't think she could be any worse.


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She was a cute girl but I didn't like the way she said the names. It was more of the way she finished the just didn't sound right for some reason.

I'm sure they'll find some other bimbo to take her spot.

I mean...



The Rock is cooking atm..
She was a cutey....but she was awful as an announcer.

Her voice reminded me of this blonde at my high school.

I would have preferred a much more mature and less squeaky kind of voice like Lillian Garcia.