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It's proper crap isn't it. Laundry... the cleaning of clothes, having to get 'em together and stick 'em in the washing machine and peg them out and what have you - it's bloody shit!

A proper chore, real time consuming, as monotonous as something that's extremely samey and monotonous and trivial and just bloody CRAP!

Although, maybe you like doing laundry, perhaps you find this tedious arse of a job therapeutic or something...

Tell us

What chores do you despise and would rather be kayaking in a lava swamp than doing...

And what chores don't you mind, or perhaps even enjoy - perhaps you're a bit mad if you like chores, or perhaps those that don't like chores just don't 'get it' ---

Tell us. Share. Give us the cents. Pass the knowledge... Ta


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I hate laundry, don't mind putting it in the machine, but it is everything that come after that annoys me. Ironing for example! Hate it, I never do it, my reasoning being that clothes iron themselves once they are being worn. I own an iron, but I don't have an ironing board and getting isn't high on my list of priorities.

I am also not a fan of washing up, but I don't like the squeaky quality dishwashers give to plates, cups etc so it is a burden I live with.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I really don't mind laundry, the washing machine does the work and the dryer drys it. The socks are the biggest pain trying to get mates put together. If I had to do it like they did 100 years ago I would hate it. Don't think I would like going down to the creek and beating it on a rock. If I had to go to a hot laundry mat I wouldn't like it either. It would be a lot of work gathering it up and hauling it there. Then their dryers don't always function right. Plus its boring having to wait on it unless you find someone interesting to talk to.


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I have never in my life done laundry because my sisters or my mother always wash my clothes and all that and not to forget that I can't even operate a washing machine.


I'm serious
Yeah, I don't typically do my own laundry. I have a domestic worker that comes in once a week to clean the house and do laundry and ironing. Pretty common practice in SA. When I lived in the UK and US, I did my own laundry, but no ironing. I either bought clothing that doesn't require ironing or i just shake them out well and hang them up immediately and tumble dry for 3 minutes before hanging them up to get the wrinkles out. :lol:


Living in Ikoria
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I like doing laundry and hate folding it lol. The smell of the detergent is my favorite part haha. I kind of suck at things getting wrinkly though, I just shake when the clothes come out of the dryer and fold/hang.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Man, I hate doing laundry. I don't mind the sorting and washing as much as I hate folding. I do everything I can to avoid folding laundry. I've started hanging up most of my clothes and my socks/underwear just get individual drawers that I throw them into.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't really hate laundry but I can't say that I like it either haha

I agree that the folding and hanging of the laundry is the worst. I need to hire someone to do that.


I don't mind laundry, probably because I love wearing clean clothes so much. Haha. I do mine every Wednesday and never really dread it. Nothing better than a fresh pair of socks out of the dryer when it's cold.


I like laundry actually, the thing that I hate is hand-washing dishes. I'm paranoid about having dirty dishes, so washing the dishes can take me ages when I do them by hand. I also hate putting them away unless they are completely dry. I love dishwashers so much and wish I had one in my apartment. Hand-washing takes so long!
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