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Laundry Room Flooding


Registered Member
As if I didnt have enough trouble keeping up with the laundry... Our water heater has sprung a leak... a HUGE leak! Our electric bill sky rocketed last month and we had no idea why. It's leakin hot water everywhere. I wanted that room cleared out but this wasnt exactly how I wanted it done lol


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Ughhhh...I would croak if my HWT broke again. The first time the girls were little, I wasn't working and the laundry was actually done everyday. I now have an oversized mountain of laundry right next to the HWT and can't even imagine the mess (actually yes I can) if that were to happen.

Good luck with that mess!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey I say let it flood then you can have a heated indoor pool...:D

HI ya iggy just kidding....Hope that nothing got ruined in the great flood of 2006!

Angel same thing here with the laundry..Gonna need a shirpa and a few pac mules to get it all done!:lol:


Wanna play?
Iggy, you never told us how this turned out. Did you have to get a new HWT? How bad was the flooding...or maybe your still drying out, hence the lack of updates????
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