Latest you've stayed up?


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The latest I've stayed up is around 6am, then I fell asleep about 6.30am.

But this morning I did a all nighter, didn't really wanna do it but I was on webcam with Nina and we got carried away and it was 4am just like that.
i've done a lot of all nighters, sometimes i just dont feel like sleeping, so I don't...

so i think the latest i've stayed up was when i didn't sleep all night, then i went to bed at 5am the next night.


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Latest i've stayed wasnt really latest..but and my mates were drinking for 36 hours roughly...needless to say we passed out


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When i first got the net several years ago i discovered i could create a website of my own - thus meaning i began at 6pm on a friday night and finishing at 7am on the monday morning.

I lived on coffee!

that was a fun time! i didnt want to have the site unfinished and i was very keen on getting it online so i didnt want to stop.


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5AM playing poker online. That was the night I got pissed and lost all my chips. I don't think I'll ever be doing that again.

The latest I've stayed up for school is 3 and couldn't fall asleep til 4 or so.


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Put it this way. The longest I've stayed awake was about 4/5 days. Needless to say I was pretty screwed by the end. Slept for almost a solid day.

Plus I regularly do 2 or 3 days no-sleep stints. Which is why you'll find me most nights in Chat, or generally lurking around GF. Besides, British night-time is when all the interesting people come out :lol:
One night my room mate convinced me to go on a drunken adventure with him. It started around 10:00 PM and we finally got back to our place at about 9:00 AM. Thats the latest I ever stayed up by a mile.