Latest Update on T-Mac and Yao




Beijing standard time June 21. After several hours of long haul flight, Yao Ming safely arrived Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Travelling together with him was David Macha, Houston Rockets' Strength and Conditioning coach. Sohu Sports conducted a personal interview with David Macha at his hotel.

Sohu: Can you tell us the latest status re Yao Ming's wound rehabilitation ?

Macha: He's doing extremely well. There is no swelling or pain of his wound, and the rehabilitation so far is in strict accordance per the doctor's plan. As we need to adjust Yao Ming's training plan according to his rehabiliation conditions, we can now slowly and gradually add intensity to his training, such that he can be restored completely. This cylce probably will have to continue until August 1.

Sohu: What kind of training he's taking recently ?

Macha: Yao Ming may just take some light training. These training includes: shooting and movement with ball (but not at high intensity); we hope we can slowly add intensity and load to his training through these fundamental training, and finally help him to retrun to competitive form and shape.

Sohu: Can you disclose to us what kind of training will Yao Ming concentrate on in the forthcoming week ?

Macha: In the next phase, Yao Ming will continue with his training with the basketball, as well as some appropriate training (with oxygen ?) to enahnce his cardiopulmonary function. Also there will be some training regarding his balance and flexibility.

Sohu: During your stay, you will have to bring Yao Ming back to Beijing to continue his rehabilitation. Can you tell us what is the division of labor between you and Anthony Falsone, Yao Ming's personal trainer ?

Macha: There has been great communications between me and Anthony Falsone. The purpose of this trip of mine to China is to pass over the baton for Anthony Falsone to let him assist Yao Ming to return to his competitive form and shape.

Sohu: That's it for Yao Ming. Let's talk about the other Houston Rcokets star, Tracy McGrady. Can you tell us about Tracy McGrady's recent status, and whether the Rockets had formulated a detail plan for his rehabilitation ?

Macha: I just had a telephone conversation with Tracy. He is in good body condition. He does not feel pain in his back anymore. He is going through the same kind of training that he took before his injury. I believe he will be at his usual best when the new season starts.

Sohu: Due to his recurring back spasm, Tracy McGrady missed half of the season's games. So have you put up corresponding plan to avoid similiar occurence for the future ?

Macha: The main reason for his back injury las year was due to his vertebra had gone under some extrusion impact. This kind of injury is just very similiar to twisting your ankle, and the muscles just suffer convulsion. We will carry out unscheduled physical therapies for Tracy.

Sohu: In the new season, do you think Tracy McGrady can return to his usual competitive levels prior to his injury ?

Macha: Sure. I can confirm that.
Originally posted by Tmac13 on M2. Awesome news for Houston Rocket fans and T-Mac and Yao fans. Looks good for next year and i can't wait to see Tracy Mcgrady carry the Houston Rockets to the playoffs.