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Latest Japanese Sales DEC 19-25 (Who won the Xmas break?)


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Big WOW Numbers put up by the DS


1 NDS 597,628/ 408,770/ 3,761,175
2 PSP 161,332/ 95,689/ 2,089,969
3 PS2 97,475/ 55,342/ 1,890,160
4 GC 36,646/ 17,849/ 254,940
5 GBA SP 35,764/ 19,098/ 680,265
6 GBM 19,261/ 14,432/ 403,854
7 Xbox 360 5,674/ 8,623/ 58,267
8 GBA 906/ 416/ 25,079
9 Xbox 141/ 182/ 12,284

1. Kingdom Hearts II 727.591/ 727.591
2. Animal Crossing: Wild World 416.132/ 1.177.108
3. Mario Kart DS 302.742/ 667.799
4. Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3 216.966/ 216.966
5. Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Blue Rescue Force 157.786/ 511.704
6. Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Red Rescue Force 156.430/ 512.054
7. Tamagotchi no PuchiPuchi Omisecchi 156.181/ 721.104
8. Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence 103.894/ 103.894
9. Mario Party 7 100.130/ 319.650
10. Brain Training 93.240/ 1.004.681

brain training and animal crossing both made the 1million mark.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Crazy that the DS is doing that well. Anyway, I'd rather see North American sales numbers or something. Sales in Japan are kind of meaningless to me.


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For me they are far from meaningless, it gives a sense of direction the current generations are going world wide.

I too would like to see US number more rapidly, unfortunately NPD only lets them out once a month.


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NPD sucks... they put out false numbers to catch who was releasing them to the public...

I too would like to see more NA numbers, but Japanese numbers really show the trend... I cant wait to see what the Revolution will do in Japan... Sucess there just means they will be around longer


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Phew, the DS is killing. It's a murderer. I have dreams of it coming in my room at night with a knife, stabbing my PSP repeatedly. If it does this good, then the Revolution has got to do even better. I mean, it's a console. Most people would choose a console over a handheld.


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I guess this just goes to prove that putting the unique revolutionary feature of the system INTO the name of the system itself is a surefire way to guarantee success. "Nintendo..... DUEL SCREEN"!!!!! "DUUUEL...... SCREEEEN......."........


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Actually, that's not what DS stands for... at least, that's what Miyamoto says as a ploy to make it look like they aren't just stating the obvious. It's really Developer's Something. Ofcourse, I can't remember what the something was.


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actually it is...

Dual Screen was the orinigal name which was shortened to DS..

Miyamoto jokeingly called it the "Devolpers System" durring a press conference when asked how hard it was to devolpe games for it


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Gamechamp said:
Actually, that's not what DS stands for... at least, that's what Miyamoto says as a ploy to make it look like they aren't just stating the obvious
See? I know it isn't REALLY what DS stands for, but he said it was. But it's still both really, when you think about. Plus it makes it sound cooler. That could have helped with sales. "I COULD buy a PSP, but the DS's name has more than one meaning!"


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once again DS stands for DUAL SCREEN... PERIOD!

notice even the NintendoDs logo even has DUAL SCREENS in it!