Late Night Cereal?


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So who else likes to eat cereal late at night?

I usually have a bowl or two while watching TV sometimes before going to bed. Yes I know it's not good to eat before going to bed but hey I am hungry and I like cereal.

Plus just sitting there is no fun.


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I usually eat right before going to bed, but I never have cereal. I'll usually heat up a frozen pizza, make oatmeal, or eat leftovers.


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Considering how i'm essentially living in a prison cell (dorm room, prison cell, same difference where i am), i dont' really eat anything FOOD-like late at night.. Its mostly just munchies. But, i do eat a bowl of cereal from time to time while home (late at night)


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Of course! Who doesn't enjoy the occasional midnight bowl of cereal awesomeness?

Honey nut cheerios are the best.


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My cereal cupboard looks like Jerry Seinfeld's.

Sweet cereals - cookie crisp, frosted chex, frosted cheerios - are for late at night

Healthier cereals - honey bunches of oats, mini wheats, grape nuts - are for breakfast.

you can never have too much cereal


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I almost always eat cereal before I go to bed. I usually grab a good book to go with it. That way I can get some books read while I eat. I might watch some tv with it too. Cereal is awesome.