Lasting Impression


#1 Spammer of FC
Okay im not sure if this goes here but I will anyway , This is just a fun little game to see some fun answers. Here's how you play it , You give your first opinion or a story on the person above you and then wait and see what the person below you will say. It's quite simple and should be a laugh. Okay im up first.


#1 Spammer of FC
Haha , Yeah im so old school.

First impression of Oxy was that he was really into smart stuff and he was a long time member here with his post number.
First impression was that you were an egotistical prick that wanted more than his 15 minutes of fan, because you used your name as a user name.

And then I realized you're pretty freaking awesome XD


rainbow 11!
"WOW! She is really smart and mature!"

^_^ That's what I first thought when I first met her.


Sultan of Swat
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I didn't expect you to stay this active on these forums, and expected you to leave the forums because someone would disagree with one of your post, like so many old members have done. To be honest didn't expect much of you when I first saw you posting.


rainbow 11!
MJ.... You are such an ass... God... You didn't expect anything?! How could you?!?!? HAVE FAITH! That's it. I've had it with FC.

If you think I'm being serious then you need a swift kick in crotch!!!

I thought you were prettly knowledgable when it came to sports. ^^


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
"Yeah, even though she has been dragged here by one of my friends, I don't think this girl is going to stay long once she sees how the forums are like"

But Himie you suprised me ya know, time you got here you Pm'ed me and that started to change my whole view on you. I'm glad I've became friends with cha though, it made me see how some people on the internet and all still have great personalities and fun to talk to. Plus...who can't love your little IM quotes in your sig lol