Last update done!

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by AngelsPeak, May 14, 2005.

  1. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    For anyone who has been following my auction, the last update is completed and the story is done. Thank you to everyone who put me on their watch list! Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy whats left of this one. I've had a great time with it.

  2. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    That troll scared me... heehehehe... great auction... glad to see you had such a great following with it...
  3. momtobrenna

    momtobrenna Registered Member

    I love it!! Your story is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    TY! It was a lot of fun! It looks like it finally made it the first page of the pulse! It's at the bottom, but at least it's there!!!

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