Last summer - athleticism or skills?

Since summer is over. What did you guys do in the summer? Did you work on your athleticism or on your skills?

I worked on my athleticism a bit. But I barely got any time due to my fulltime job. I'm done with my fulltime job and it's time to work on my skills again.

My vertical went from 22" to 26" this summer. I know it isn't too good.


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I work on my skills more, I guess since im a natural point guard. Im always tryin' to hone my ball-handling abilities, and work on my shot, but I do work on my athleticism I try to work on my speed and power.


I've become a helluvalot better dribbler. I used to do decent crossover moves, but, over the summer, I worked on my handles. Now, I swear, I'm good to go for the And1 tour. I wouldn't say I've gotten better at shooting. I'm an average shooter. I can make wide open shots, but my three's are shaky. I never know when I'll hit them. So, overall, I've worked on my skills.
I had a summer job, too. I worked from 10 A.M - 4 P.M on weekdays and 9 A.M - 5 P.M on weekends. Shit sucked... It's over now, though. School started earlier this year.

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I played two-versus-two at a local park today. I actually put my skills to the test. My brother and I faced my cousin and one of his huge friends. His friend was a crazy defender. He kept stealing the ball from me. Eventually, I said, "Let's play with streetball rules." In streetball, carrying and three-step travels don't count. Also, hard fouls don't really mean much unless you get seriously hurt... Well, that's how we play at least...
Anyway, as soon as my cousin and his huge friend accepted the challenge, my brother and I went into an insane And1 mode and began dribbling like crazy every time we got the ball. I mixed the fuck outta my cousin's friend, whose name slips my mind at this moment... Anthony or something... Some huge black guy with good defense, but hardly any offense.
Anyway, my brother and I won. 30-28. We went with the "win by two points" rule and we couldn't seem to beat eachother (no homo).

Long story short, I put my dribbling to the test and passed. I love my new handles. You should, too. Thank you. Bye-bye. The End.


The only thing I really improved this summer was my dribbling and my vertical. I really tried to work on consistency when I try and dunk.


As a basketball player and a competor, you want to always work on everything. If you want the single things out, I would have to say skills. If you consitantly work on your game you are gaining more skill, as atletisim comes after.


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The mostly thing I do is work on my speed and power but sometimes dribbling

I also need to improve my dunking