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Last restaurant you went to?


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Pretty simple question really. What's the last restaurant you went to? What did you order? Was it any good? What did you think of the atmosphere? etc.

The last place I went to was Red Robin, this was last night. I got a Big Red Tavern Burger with a coke and bottomless fries.

If there's one thing I like on fries, it's Red Robin seasoning, there's just nothing else in the world like it. The burger was great as well, I always get them cooked medium and this one in particular came with some kind of "secret sauce" as they call it, it's quite good.

I went with a friend that is leaving town for 6 months on Sunday, it was kind of my one last time to really spend some quality time with him. We went late at night (like 9:00) and there were only a couple other people in the whole restaurant. It's got a really cool atmosphere when it's that quiet.

What's the last restaurant you went to?


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The last restaurant I went to is called Ennios. It is an Italian style place, and it was the first time I have been there. It is my Mum's favourite, and she has been meaning to take me there for years.

I had a Sirloin steak, cooked medium rare, with mushrooms, vine tomatoes and dauphinoise potatoes. The steak was on a par with the one served in my favourite restaurant, but the dauphinoise could of been better, it was a bit too dry for my liking. We had a lovely red wine too, it went down very nicely.

The atmosphere was really relaxed even though it was fairly busy, the staff were lovely, and the owner remembered my Mum and Step-dad even though they haven't been there for months.


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The last restaurant I went to was Pizza Inn just a couple of days ago. I ate Pizza buffet and as usual when its all you can eat I ate too much. The pizza was good, so was the salad and dessert pizza.


I went to a restaurant today called "London". It serves nice food.
I ordered a plate of pasta with spinach and ricotta and a plate of ceasar salad.


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I had dinner at Applebee's today. I had a chicken and veggies dish that was pretty good. They overcooked the veggies a little but it wasn't bad at all. I also had a Long Island Iced Tea that was delicious and a Sam Adam's Oktoberfest from the tap that was better than sex.


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I think the last restaurant I went to was Ruby Tuesday in Nebraska while on my road trip. If I remember correctly, I had some kind of grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon, and also a salad from the salad bar. It was decent. That was my first time eating at a Ruby Tuesday. Can't say I'm in a huge hurry to back.


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Today at lunch I met a friend at a place down the street from work called New Pier. It is an extremely small restaurant. It used to be run out of one of those mobiles, and you just walked up to the window and ordered. However, they recently expanded, built a restaurant, and they have actual servers now. It's run by a couple of Hispanic women, and they cook like nobody's business. They have the best soft tacos. You can get chorizo, bistec, fajita or chicken, and they put it in corn tortillas (or flour if you want) with cilantro and onion. Freaking delicious.

However, this time I ordered a hamburger and fries. Also freaking delicious. They are very versatile there. Catfish, shrimp, frog legs, crawfish, tortas, tacos, hamburgers...plus they have a lunch special that is different every day. I've never eaten a thing there that wasn't good.


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The last restaurant I went to was a place called Benny Bar & Grill in Fremantle, it is one of my favourite restaurants. I had a dish called Chicken Tropicana - it is a chicken with a honey mustard sauce with mango and asparagus.It was so tasty. My man had a steak, cooked medium rare with peppercorn sauce and fries - he almost always get steak. They made really good cocktails at Benny's as well.