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TV Last of the Summer Wine


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I'm not sure how it's happened, but it has...

I've grown an appreciation for the show 'Last of the Summer Wine' - I expect a lot of people on the forum probably won't know what it is.

Mostly, it's a comedy type show thing primarily aimed at an audience of elderly people and starring elderly people. The plot of each episode generally centres around a bunch of old people pottering around the sunny Yorkshire countryside, getting into a number of silly scrapes. Often exhibiting a sort of slapstick humour and daft one-liners that seem to come out at any given moment.

The show has the record of being the longest running series in the WORLD! - How it has amassed such a lengthy life, I do not know... Especially when the highlight of one episode to the next can be something as simple, and ludicrous, as an old lady falling off a wall, or a scruffy old bloke riding down the street in a tin bath.

Nonetheless, I find myself liking it. When I was younger and my grandparents watched it, and even into my late teens I found the show to be pretty trite and crap in all honesty. Perhaps my sense of humour has changed, as I now will actually laugh out loud at the breezy comic moments that this remarkable bit of telly displays.

Does anyone else know of this show?
Do you have any level of appreciation for it?
What are your thoughts?

If you haven't seen it, I urge you to type the title ('Last of the Summer Wine') into Youtube and have a look. I think, whether you find it painstakingly dull, or brilliant as I do now, it'll still be worth a look. I don't think there's anything quite like it, anywhere else, in the broad world of TV entertainment.
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I used to watch this show all the time with my Grandad. And it could be quite funny. I actually live in the area where it's filmed.


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It's an absolute classic, I've grown up with it. It was so sad to see it all end. I've still got the very last episode recorded on my Sky+ box.


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Awesome to see a couple of people giving this show kudos.

I think I've come to like the serenity of the show. It's always very cheery and the countryside that the characters potter about in looks lovely. Nice to see there's folks liking it... especially those who are younger than the average audience probably is... unless you two are in your sixties? :p


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Love the show. Had the chance to visit one of the places where it was filmed, including the cafe.


Sally Twit
I grew up watching this because my parents were and still are huge fans of it. I don't watch it any more but it was always a favourite when I was younger.
Definitely nothing else like it.


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Cool following...

My two favourite bits or moments in it, both occurred pretty regularly are:

1) The way in which Compo drinks his brew in the cafe. tipping out his tea cup into his saucer, and slurping it up.

2) Howard and Marina frolicking in the bushes with piss funny noises coming out of them... Often there is a pair of bicycles or something nearby.

I think I might make some sort of arrangement this year to go and visit the place. the place lokos pretty relaxing and nice, and Yorkshire's not that far away, so I might have to take a trip... I like pub lunches too, I bet they do good ones up there. Not sure who'll even contemplate going with me though... Will have to do some asking about... --

I used to watch this show all the time with my Grandad. And it could be quite funny. I actually live in the area where it's filmed.
You live where it's made. Why the New Zealand flag? I thought you were a kiwi... :S
Is it all stone walls and cobbles and that up there? Like in the show, the place looks properly quaint.
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