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Last Meal


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I've never understood how someone about to be put to death, could eat a last meal, but if you got to choose your last meal, what would it be?


I remember we've had this thread before....

I'd choose to have pasta. It's my all time favorite thing to eat and enjoy.


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I pesonally feel that they shouldnt get a last meal.

However to answer the question I would order more than one thing, the bill would come to a couple of grand.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5


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Iced shrimp for an appetizer. A really thick steak, brussel sprouts, green beans with bacon, buttered corn, cucumbers, cranberry salad, strawberry milk, an awesome salad with croutons, and real crepe Susette for desert (made with Kirsch from Morello cherries)! They should let mom do the desert. She knows how to do it right! :D
As small as i am, i will prolly die from overeating before they get to execute me! :nod:


yellow 4!
Chips and gravy! Or chicken nuggets and gravy with mashed potatoes.

(Not talking about US style gravy, fairly sure there's a difference).

Either one of those, or fried flat boneless chicken with tagliatelle alfredo on the side.

Oh and drinks -- chocolate milk with the first, cranberry juice if it was the second.
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I definitely think they should get a last meal. And I'd definitely want to eat something before I went.

What would I eat? That's a tough one.

Pasta sounds good. Shake n' bake pork chops with sweet potato fries sounds amazing as well. Seafood. Way too tough to choose. Haha.