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Last fm


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Was just wondering if anyone on here was on last fm, if you are whats your top 10 most listened to bands and what song your listening to right now?

Rise Against ~ Savior

1. Bullet For My Valentine
2. Fightstar
3. Paramore
4. All Time Low
5. Flyleaf
6. Slipknot
7. Default
8. Anberlin
9. Papa Roach
10. You Me At Six

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Band Nerd ♫
Here's mine (I excluded one because it is a musical):

The Beatles
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Streetlight Manifesto
Steely Dan
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sarah Brightman
Antonio Vivaldi

Currently listening to: Piano Concerto #23 in A, K 488 - Adagio by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm a huge fan...I can't list my top 10 stations, per say, but I can list ten that I've used a lot recently or in the past.

1. 311
2. Jazz Hop (it's a style of music, fusion between Jazz and Hip-hop)
3. Phoenix
4. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
5. The Roots
6. Common
7. Talib Kweli
9. Silversun Pickups
10. Incubus


Haters gonna hate.
I need to get mine up again. I can guarantee that Muse is my number one.