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Larry King getting divorced for the 8th time?


I've been reading in many websites that he cheated on his wife with his sister-in-law.

Shortly here it is:


Apparently the divorce between Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick is the result of an enormous fight the couple at at their Beverly Hills home today. With cars peeling out of the driveway, both of them promptly filed for divorced!

Rumor has it that the marriage is over because Shawn is accusing Larry of having an affair with one of her relatives!

Well someone must have a Viagra prescription!
it's HER SISTER that rumored to have the affair with King!!!

Sources significantly close to Larry King and his soon-to-be ex-wife Shawn Southwick say that Shawn figured out that Larry was having an affair with her sister from his credit card statement.

Shawn apparently looked over one of his statements and found purchases for a $160,000 car and "tons of gifts from Cartier," like a diamond necklace. As she did not receive any of these gifts, she believes that Larry gave them to her sis, Shannon Engemann.


Earlier, Shannan made mention that Larry did give her some tokens of affection, but insisted he did the same for the entire family.

So, did your dad get the car or the diamond necklace???

Oh, by the way, this all happened FIVE YEARS AGO! So, it could be safe to assume that Larry has been being naughty with his sister-in-law even longer than that!

Things are getting fishy here, Larry. We don't want to believe you would do such a thing, but you best start explaining things for yourself!
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Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

Lololol amusing!
Look AT which pot is calling the kettle black!

Seems that while Shawn Southwick, soon-to-be ex-wife to Larry King, has been accusing her hubby and sister of an affair, she's been getting some nooky on the side as well!

Sources caught up with Hector Penate, an actor and former little league coach to both of Larry and Shawn's sons, who admitted that "mistakes" were made last September between himself and Shawn. All Hector would fess up to was that "one thing led to another," but we think that is saying enough!

Are your lawyers on this , Larry???

Larry King's Wife Made A "Mistake" With Son's Baseball Coach! | PerezHilton.com
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Hmm... Do not know what to say. All that comes to my head is... "Isn't that normal nowadays?" Especially in entertainment and wealth section? That's just one out of many. And... there are worse ones, just not all of them go public.


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I'm not surprised he's getting divorced (normal in Hollywood). But I AM surprised anyone's married him at all! He looks like Mr. Burns. LOL.


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Geez eight times, is that like a record or something, Larry can't hold on to a wife it seems.


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Larry King is one crazy caveman.

I had no idea she was getting "Nooky" on the side from a kids' baseball coach. Man people are just nuts. What else can I say.


Lion Rampant
"Intercourse, hello!"

What a fickle cretin is Larry King. I don't see why any man should ever need more than three divorces to be happy.

But I could be biased.


Sultan of Swat
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He's now tied with Liz Taylor(who's getting married for the ninth time by the way)

I don't understand how someone could get divorced so many times. He'll probably get married again within the year in my opinion.