Larry Fitz has 3 tds... and its not even the 3rd quater...


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McNabb has made some terrible passes and has been given all day to throw.

As I said McNabb needed a big game to win this game for the Eagles. So far mediocrity is going to lose this game for the team unless he turns it around.


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Fitzgerald is simply amazing, some of the catches he made today are outstanding. But it's still early, lots of time left on the clock, hopefully the Eagles will be able to turn things around.


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#11 helped me in my fantasy team throughout the year and now he's helping my picks too. I would get his jersey, but I figure they're going to be sold out for a while.

Now all that's left is for Baltimore to win.


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What a game, I was very happy when the Eagles came back, but they couldn't maintain the lead. I don't mind the Cardinals, they have a lot of good players, Fitzgerald being the best one of them all.

I don't believe anyone would of guessed at the biggining of the year that the Cardinals would make the Super Bowl this year.


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Fitzgerald is a beast. The guy catches everything thrown his way and almost no one can cover him.

And oh yeah, Warner had 4tds. Not to bad for a 37 year old QB.
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The part that baffles me is that Asante Samuel could not cover him. I know he is banged up but most guys are at this time of year. If he was too hurt to be effective they should have rotated Lito Sheppard in. Larry Fitz got his on Thanksgiving and I expected him to get yards today, but they didn't even have to throw to anyone else today. The defenses inability to shut it down was frustrating to say the least, and exactly why I wanted the Eagles to trade for him the past 2 offseasons.