Largest Group You've Cooked For?


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What is the largest group of people you've cooked a meal for? Was it difficult? What did you end up cooking?

I think the largest i've cooked for was 13 people, and it was a complete pain in the ass. The kitchen I was using was tiny, you could only just fit two people in it. I think originally I was just cooking for a group of about 6 of us, but more people kept turning up and said it smelled good so we ended up inviting them. I hate to think how people manage to cook Christmas dinners for huge families.
This thread gives me deja vu, but I can't find the other one, if it even exists..

The most I've cooked for is 4 people, lol. And that's only because of that little cooking rota I have here with my flatmates. We stopped doing it over exam period and never started again thank GOD.
I cooked lots of things, I won't list them. Mostly because I don't remember.


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I was in catering in my teens and have done some pretty big functions cdoing 200+ covers. With little outside help the biggest was probably when I cooked for 125 people at a bbq. The more tpeople the easier it starts to become as you rely more and more on prep.

At home Ive cooked for 20+ on a few occasions.


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The most I've cooked for was right around 24 people. We had 24 people there, but not all 24 ate what I made.

I was cooking blue cheese stuffed Mushrooms, they were gone within meer seconds after i took 'em out of the oven. it wasnt hard but considering it was just an appetizer I didnt have to much pressure.


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The largest group I've cooked for was 15. My friends and I cook for each other all the time, so I've made quite a few different things for a group that size. It can be a pain doing it for a group that size, but it's very rewarding when you see the looks of satisfaction on all of their faces.


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The largest group of people I've cooked for is two - myself and my boyfriend. I am not great in the kitchen but I make up for it by being good in the bedroom. No but seriously, I would be useless cooking for a large group of people because I just know I'd get so stressed out. My mum does it every single Christmas and how she copes with it I do not know but she's amazing.


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Back when I was a kid, us three older kids took turns making supper since our mom didn't get home till late. So I guess the most is four.
When I was still involved with the haunted houses, people would take turns making/buying food to feed the crew once the house closed down for the night. (the crew consisted of anywhere between 20-40 people depending on the night)
Two years in a row I made mostaccioli with sauce from scratch and homemade garlic bread. I have never and hope to never again, peeled and chopped so much garlic.
I do not enjoy cooking!