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rainbow 11!
I've been shopping around for a laptop for quite a while. I need something that is reliable for school... My desktop crashes every four months and we have to take it to someone to have it repaired. I had a gateway MA3 laptop from my uncle. He reformatted the harddive (which killed it, so he bought and installed a new one). Despite that, it ran so slow, it was like it wasn't receiving a signal from my wifi, even though my laptop said it was a full bar and we had high speed from comcast.

I tried everything, turning all wifi electronics off, rebooting the computer, disconnecting and reconnecting over and over. My dad's laptop runs just fine and it is just as fast as the desktop as far as internet speed. So I KNOW it was the laptop.

I always seem to run them to the ground and I don't even do much with them. I check facebook, GF, my email, and maybe a few other sites. I know I need something with quite a bit of ram as I tend to have a lot running at once.

I have been looking at all sorts of laptops and I kinda fell in love with the one dDave posted in another thread, the asus G73GH. I would be doing some gaming, movie watching (love that it has a blu ray player), researching and writing papers, as well as downloading music.

I'm pretty sure his laptop would be overkill, but I want everyone's thoughts on the matter.


For a Free Scotland
The main way to do cost control here is to ask the question: what kind of gaming do you want to do, and do you want to have all the graphical bells and whistles turned on, or are you fine with running a more bare-bones operation?

ASUS' G series is their gaming line. If you look at something in their entertainment or versatility lines, you might find something a lot more affordable with similar specs. You may not be able to get a Blu-Ray player, but I'm pretty sure you're overpaying for it in a laptop.


rainbow 11!
After talking to dDave about the Blu Ray, I don't want it. And the main game I would be playing would be Guild Wars. I have all of them and would love to get back into playing it. I might shop around some more, I keep bouncing back and forth as to what I want.


For a Free Scotland
Well Guild Wars isn't too taxing on the processor, so you don't exactly need the most epic amounts of RAM and the latest, greatest graphics card. You just need something respectable, with upgrade capacity if you get more serious into gaming or to deal with the relentless march of time.

Generally from what I can tell, I'd avoid the gigantic producers of PC laptops- I've heard horror stories about their build quality. Someone on Reddit reported getting six Dell displays, one after another- all of which had fatal issues with them on arrival!
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