Laptop ideas

i am looking for ideas to get a laptop.i know what my need are, but i have no clue wich model to get. i do light typing i surf the internet ALOT, and i seldom play computer games. i would want at least 100gb of hard drive space, and i dont want a net book. i would prefer a laptop or notebook. i also want at least 1-2 gb of ram, with the ability to upgrade later on. i also need to have windows xp. i understand that some people are coming out with tablet laptops, and i also know that thos dont meet my requirement for 100gb of memory but for that it would be okay, and if there is one that meets all of my other need but not the memory one, then it would be fine. please help. thank you P.S as far as tablets windows 7 would be okay, but not regular laptops.


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What do you have against Windows 7?

If windows XP is so important to you then I'd get Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, it comes with Windows XP mode which is every bit as good as Windows XP Pro (64 bit). It's a Virtual Machine, so you get Windows XP (for whatever reasons you may need it) and then you get all the nice perks of Window7 for everything else.

If you're looking for a brand that's going to last you for a long long time (meaning that the computer won't break down) then I'd get Toshiba or HP, I hear that those brands can go forever.

I definitely think that you're making a mistake in not wanting Windows 7, windows XP will not continue to get support for much longer from Microsoft.