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Lap Dances


Registered Member
Men...have you ever went out to a night club/strip club and had a lady perform a lap dance on you??
Was it enjoyable??....and enjoyable to the point of no return??
Ladies, have you ever given a lap dance to a gent??...either in a night club or other place??
I would think a lap dance would be more of an enjoyment for the man, than the woman, but...I may be wrong~


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've had around a dozen lap dances in my lifetime, and I wouldn't be surprised if I get some more. I did find it enjoyable, if I didn't then I wouldn't of gone again after my first time. Unfortunately they are quite expensive to get one(well depending where you go)


Where is my Queen?
I have only had 1 lap dance and that was a birthday present from a friend. I am not a big fan of strip clubs in the first place, but my friends insisted for me to go on my Birthday. I enjoyed the lap dance and she grinded me for a good 5 songs and when I found out how much it was per song, I decided not get anymore lapdances. Fortunately my friends payed for it. I think it came out to 150 dollars for 5 songs.


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I did have a couple when I went to a bachelor party of my family member's a couple years back, though it was a woman she worked her magic adn it was kinda fun haha.

Now when I was dancing at the clubs and I would give one, they were fun. It was exciting to see the reactions, both body and mental reactions of the guy or girl I would dance for. PLus, yes, it was fun.



Son of Liberty
Yes I've had many lapdances (I even dated a stripper for awhile when I was in college) and they are lots of fun. I used to be a big fan of strip clubs.


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I feel like I've led a deprived life ~LoL~
I have never been to a strip joint, ever.
Just the thought of walking into one...makes me feel, sorta, dirty :shake:


still nobody's bitch
I've been to a few strip clubs. meh. They smell like ass.

I've even had a lap dance.


Do What Thou Wilt
well, I've had one or two, but they were hardly professional, but they were free!
Gotta love drunk chicks.


Mark ov teh Pond
Strip clubs are awful.

I've been to the one nearest of my present location. $5 fee to get in the door, and that was all I was planning on spending. They are not worth it when you don't throw out the big bucks and even when you do, they are especially not worth it--

I had one of the strippers come up to me and ask for a dance, and I immediately said no, knowing it would turn up a fee. I wasn't about to have some hick bouncer breathe down my neck and throw me out - even though he'd just be doing me a favor.

I wouldn't turn down a FREE lap dance. It's not something a guy like me gets offered though.
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Well, I would have to know some fella pretty damn well to be giving him a lap dance....but then, it'd be free!