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lanmanserver how to reinstal


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i need help, pleas :( . How to reintall or install services on windows server 2003 - name "Server" - lanmanserver.




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Did you install Great Plains or ACT which caused your dilema? If so I saw some info online that might help. My Post level is low so I may have to PM the link to the info.

Have a good day,



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Ok, I think I have sufficient amount of posts to do this now. You can visit Jason Hartman's site and it will give you some info.

There is another site (hosted/supported by Microsoft) but you have to have an account to access it. If you ever had to validate Windows or another Microsoft product, chances are you may have this already.

Let me know and I can post it here if the first link does not have enough or clear information for you.
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I thought I had replied to this but I guess not. My research indicated that this was an integrated part of Windows and a reinstall of Windows would be necessary to reinstall the lanmanserver program.


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You did make a post. :lol: This post was done twice by the user. Hopefully they got it all sorted out now.
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