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Lance Armstrong doping charges


Better Call Saul
Staff member
What do you all think about the recent allegations of Lance Armstrong and performance enhancing drugs?

It's no mistake year after year someone else comes to say Lance was on something. I don't think there's any doubt he took something.

If he did for sure how much of his legacy tarnished?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This doping saga is never going to end. People will be making accusations against him as long as he's alive. As much as I want to believe him that he's always been clean, I just don't trust professional athletes with this kind of thing anymore. Too many of them have blatantly lied about it before. At the same time, when someone is that much better than everyone else at his sport like Armstrong was, other people will always be looking for evidence of cheating. People are always looking for a big news story.


Registered Member
I truly hope that all of this talk, is just crappy rumors going around, maybe made by a person, or persons, to try and tarnish Armstrong's image.
But I do hear more and more allegations coming out and I am sure there will be those who will no longer be a fan, and there will still be some who will remain a fan.
It's the same with every sport it seems, it came out in baseball with McGwire, Canseco and a few others.
They all denied they used, then had to finally admit the truth.
Armstrong has always denied the usage, and I honestly believed him in the past, but as time goes by and more rumors spread about, I have my doubts.
I have liked Armstrong, admired his biking and his battle with cancer.
His yellow cancer bands are what started my entire family into wearing them, and this was back when my Mother had cancer, because she wore one too~
Would I hate Armstrong if all this turns out to be truthful??
Not at all, he is only human.
But I'm sure he will lose some what were once loyal fans.


Registered Member
Everyone does steroids, everyone takes PEDs.. that's pretty much how everyone looks at great athletes. I'd be more shocked if someone who is at the top of his particular sport went through his career and after with no one ever mentioning their name and steroids or PED's in the same sentence. (We'll see after Pujoh's career is over if anyone tries to say he did them).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's doping has always been a big thing in Cycling, it's just hard to prove it sometimes. I don't believe Armstrong was ever clean to be honest with you, and I hope he gets caught or actually admits that he took something. If he does come out, it will definitely hurt his reputation. He's been considered the best athlete in the World a few times, he's won seven Tour de France, he's a proven winner. Eventually the truth will come out, and I can't wait till it does.