Lamest/Most pointless video game attack/weapon


Demon King/Sith Warrior
What do you think is the lamest or most pointless video game attack or weapon, ever?

In my opinion it has to be one of these:

1: The squeaky hammer in SSBB, a weapon that looks like the super powerful Golden Hammer, but turns out to actually be a pointless squeaky hammer that does nothing but waste your time, make you unable to do anything yourself, and open you for an attack. Getting this weapon is like if I came over and took the controller away from your for 10 seconds.

2: DBZ BT3 Hercule's Dynamic Mess 'Em Up Punch. This isn't exactly the most pointless move ever, but it certainly is lame. Hercule comes over and does a 16 hit punch combo, and if you look at the damage counter every punch does exactly 0 damage. If you're lucky at the end, you'll get a mediocre amount of damage, but it's hardly worth it. The only reason this move isn't the first one I typed about is because it's hilarious to watch the enemy just stand there unaffected while Hercule works hard to try to hurt him.

3: That rock in Friday the thirteenth that arcs over your opponent's head when you try to hit them with it. It's completely useless, it's a weapon that purposely can't hit the target unless you're standing at the perfected distance, which is stupid.
Heal Rod - Final Fantasy. If you attack an enemy with it it'll end up healing it. You could use it to attack yourself/allies, but the benefit isn't worth it compared to using alternate ways of curing yourself.


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ice sicle rain from okami. you draw an asterisk and icesicles rain down from the sky, in an two inch radious of your charectar leaving you wide open for any attack. true you can attack with a weapon during the rain but it makes you so slow.