Lakers vs Sonics (preseason)


Lakers won their second preseason game in a row as they defeat the seattle supersonics thursday night of the score 104-101, leading the Lakers in scoring was Brian cook with 16 points off the bench, Ronny Turiaf also had a great game with 15 points of his own, actually almost everyone on the Lakers did preety well, second year player Andrew Bynum was good on both ends showing how much he improved through the summer, I was even more impressed by Kwame Brown and rookie Jordan Farmar, they both played great games, Kwame showed his inside presence and his post up skills, and Farmar showed his composure even as a rookie making steals, scoring off the ball and creating open shots for others.
Luke Walton even showed his renued shooting abilities with his midrange fadaways and long 3 balls. New player vladimir radmanovic impressed me aswell, he did more than just shoot the 3, he also had excellent hustle with his rebounding effort for second chance opportunities and his ability to get to the basket off the dribble..

great game from the Lakers, and the more younger players are showing how good they can be, they are really sharing the ball well and being more composed on the offensive end, their defense could have a little more work, but its still preseason and they still have time to retune it.


Sultan of Swat
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They are obviously improved team from last season, and people keep saying that Jordan Farmar was a steal for the Lakers. Also people are getting on Kwame Brown, saying he hasn't develop into a superstar yet, but you got to remember he's still very young. Just give it time, and he'll become a star. Same thing with Bynum.