Lakers Rumors


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These are a few things Ive heard about my team lately:

- Lakers are frontrunners in acquiring Ron Artest from the Kings, Lamar Odom for Artest and Kenny Thomas

- Undrafted Marcelus Kemp close to signing with the Lakers
Kemp close to NBA deal with Lakers | | Reno Gazette-Journal

- Lakers interested in Brent Barry and James Posey

- Ronny Turiaf offered 4 year $18 million contract by the Clippers

- Sasha Vujacic offered a 5 year $30 Million contract by the Rockets

- Jazz interested in signing Ronny Turiaf
Lamar Odom for Artest and Kenny Thomas
I hope not. Lamar Odom is a great player and risking it for Artest and Thomas isn't the best idea. Odom is continuing to build up to potentially be one of the best players for the Lakers.

I say they keep Odom while focusing on other trades/deals.
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I will literally scream out loud if they do those stupid things. We have a championship team built here and i don't see why they would even consider trading good players for not so good players. Ron artest sucks
Lakers are my team.. I have watched every one of their games this year and hopefully they dont do those trades with turiaf and vujacic.


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At least they aren't putting Bynum up in the market. I think they could use a little better role players. Players that are more consistent at least. Some of the offers by other teams do look nice though, especially the one for Sasha.