Lakers pushing for Jermaine O' Neal and Garnett


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According to, the Laker's Jerry Buss WILL trade Andrew Bynum for Kevin Garnett, along with some other players aswell, I still don't know what they will do for Jermaine O' Neal though, anyway, if the Lakers are able to get the trade with Minnesota, this is what Kevin Garnett will look like in the 07-08 season:



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The Lakers are a decent team but they're missing that one player to make them a team to recon with in the Western Conference, and adding Garnett or O'neal would help them be one of the top teams in the Western Conference. But to get one of those players they're going to need to give something big for it, like a Bynum and draft pick.


I think for the Lakers to get KG it will require Odom & Bynum. But to get JO it shouldn't cost both. Odom, a draft pick, and a medium contract matches salaries and value, b/c Odom's rebounding production is better than JO, he can score and shoot from outside. Block shots go to JO, but FG% & 3pt% and versatility all go to LO.

KG is less likely to be on the block than JO. JO's defense is what I like, although KG is a dream scenario.

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In a deal for either, bynum would have to be included and im not sure Jim buss is willing to let that happen...


LO goes out for either but only KG gets the LO/Bynum package...

Oh...and divine intervention. It's going to take a whole lot of that...


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If the Lakers can land either or both of these guys they will once again be one of if not the best team in the west. Imagine , Kobe and KG on the same team. Not a lot of teams would be able to stop then. But with that being said it's going to be hard for them to get KG and they likely will have to give up a lot.


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i dont think they should trade Lamar or Bynum, Lamar is a great all round player and will help the lakers a lot, Bynum has great potential


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Yes but Odom's contract is huge and a big burdon for the Lakers so it would be best to deal him off and with a guy like O'Neal you know your getting a great player so it would benfit the Lakers in more ways then one.