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Discussion in 'NBA' started by fatboy, May 17, 2006.

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    Most people that i have talked to say the lakers need big help if they are going to get a ring anytime soon. I disagree. i think the team they have is capable of a championship in 2 maybe 3 years. they are all young, with the exception of Kobe, and maybe Lamar. i think smush will grow and become a great guard in the NBA. Granted he will be a role player, but he will be a premiere guard. not Nash caliber, but maybe SAM Cassel. maybe tony parker, maybe even in his time, Chauncey billups. another player is Sasha Vujacic he will be another great role player. he will develop and contribute a great deal to the success of the lakers. he is going to be a great 3 point shooter in the league. just wait and see. with kwame's development at center and maybe Chris mihm will figure something out, and Andrew bynum learning and growing every day. we will have a front court that will be good enough to keep the pressure off the perimeter shooters. By the way have i mentioned who is working with the centers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. all that and Lamar, Kobe, Devon George. i think they will get a ring with this team in the next couple years. this year Devon George is a free agent. lakers have showed interest in him. hopefully he will sign again. Luke Walton has came to his own. he will also contribute greatly to the success of this team. not so much this year, but don't forget about Aaron McKee. winning the sixth man award years ago, he will be good relief for the starters of this team. he is tough and will cause problems for the opposing team with his great strength and shooting ability. McKee will also contribute on the defensive end. with all of these pieces, Kobe playing better and being a team player, and the greatest coach ever. lakers will be back up at the top. so for all you laker haters be ready.

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    WOW!!!! Those are really big statements. Here's my opinion. The Lakers will be a good team but not great inless they get another key player. Smush Parker is a good player but saying he might be at Tony Parker or maybe Chauncey Billups skill level is insane. But if Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum can devellop into power houses then it might happen that they dominate the west once again, but if it's going to happen it will in 3-5 years. If Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant can decide to play as one then they'd be a great force to wreckon with. But I don't picture them dominating anytime soon
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    i dont think smush will be that great anytime soon maybe in 5,6, or 7 years. if you remember chauncey wasnt great when he first started. this is really his first excellent year. i think he started in the Canadian league, didnt make the cut in the NBA. tony parker is good but he is just a role player. smush might not be able to handle the ball as good or penetrate as good, but i think he will contribute just as much. tony parker is great, but he is not quit the man. smush, if he continues to grow and shows a good work ethic, i think he will develop the confidence to drive and create as well as tony. Now, smush wont really have to as much because of kobe, but his threat will be there, so the defense will have to respect him more. like i said it is way down the road, but it will happen.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    It's good to have confidence in your team like that. Saying that Tony Parker is a role player is ridiculous though. He could start in any team in the leauge and he can score anytime he wants too. He led the league in points in the paint and he's a point guard. Don't get me wrong I love smush, the guy as game but he's never going to be an impact player like Tony is. I also know that Chaucey Billups had a slow start but he was always good, he just couldn't find a system to fit in until he joined the pistons. The Lakers will have a good team but until Brown or Bynum become dominat players it going to take them time.
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    Tony Parker is a role player. he is great and would start on any team. the definition is to play a role.he definitely plays a role in the teams success. Duncan is the man on that team, so the rest are role players. he knows his role, and he has no problem being the second or third man on the team. smush parker will also be a role player. by role player I'm not meaning coming off the bench. some of the greatest players are role players IE scottie pippen, rip hamilton, shawn marion. even thought they are great they are role players. they follow the role that is given to them so the plays can be ran for the star of the team. smush has the potential to be as effective to his team as tony parker is to his. cant argue cause it hasn't happend and there are no facts to compare, but that is my opinion. in a few years we will have more to compare and then we will see how he and tony compare.
  6. Laker Socks

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    I'm a BIG BIG laker fan but some of the things fatboy mentioned are ridiculous.

    Smush Parker will be a great player? No. He will be a good role player and he should be on the bench where he rightfully belongs.
    Smush's inability to defend was the reason why we lost to the suns and why the lakers are a crap team defensively.
    With Smush(or Sasha for that matter), it becomes a 4 on 5 game, opposing pg's have torched the lakers all season long. Kwame usually ends up defending the PG and at the same time looking out for his man.

    Now for the kwame remarks, he's the one who should figure something out. While his post defense is pretty good, he misses wide open layups and is a poor shotblocker for his size.

    Mihm is by far the more superior offensive player and shotblocker.

    Funny you touched on perimeter shooting, a big requirement in the triangle and something no one outside of Kobe Bryant has provided for the lakers this season.

    Kwame does not work out with Kareem because Kwame considers himself a player who fronts his defender rather than a back to the basket player.
    Chauncey was a lottery pick.
    No Tony Parker is the spurs number 2 option on offense. that makes him a borderline all-star

    Scottie was not a role player by any means. Opposing team's make it a point to stop him, a role player does not warrant that much attention on defense. Your basically implying that Kobe was a role player back in the 3-peat dynasty. Your basically implying that Wade is a role player. Your basically implying that Ben and Rasheed are role players.

    Smush can only dream to have Tony Parker's speed and ability to find a way to make a shot in traffic.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Laker Socks you repeated everything I said but more detailed which is okay because you proved that I was right. But people always bash Kwame Brown, let's not forget he's only 22 years of age give him time to learn the game, he has a great teacher in Phil Jackson so I am sure he'll be fine. Fatboy you seem to think role players are people who have a great impact on the team, a role player is someone who does the little jobs that the starting line up don't usually do, like play hard nose defense, get some key points and rest the key players while there on the bench.
  8. fatboy

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    role players are not just players that come off the bench. a role player is a player that is not the star. and i do think Kobe was role player at one time. a role player is not a sorry player. i think a role player is a person who sets the star up. in a sense D-wade is a role player. against some teams his role is to draw the double team or penetrate to free up shaq. if the defense doesn't commit then he has the shot. seems like you guys think starters are not role players. they are. rasheed wallace is a role player. that doesn't mean he is not great. he has a certain role role on the team and he plays his role. same with tony parker. he plays his role without griping that he is not getting all the plays. depending on who they are playing is to say he is the spurs second option. last year in the playoffs ginoble was the second option. then tony played his role as a 3rd man. u r right smush is not as good as tony parker, but he has the potential to contribute to the lakers as much as tony does to the spurs. that is my point. he will learn the defense and grow into a great player. he is young and has been thrown into his position. give him 3 or 4 years then see what u think. and Chauncey played with 5 teams in 8 years. before the pistons it was 4 teams in 4 years. I'm sure if i would have said he would be were he is at today u would have argued with that. i think smush will be great. people have also said things about players who flopped and he may flop but he has potential to be a premier guard in this league. i never said all star, but i hope he does make it one of these years. kwame has improved 100% this year. he will be good and better then mihm. by the way kareem had worked with him during the playoffs. i watched an interview and kareem was talking about his improvement.
  9. fatboy

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    ben is a role player. he is out there for defense. his role is to get rebounds and block shots. he is by no means an offensive player; therefore, he is a role player. i must have a different conception of role players then you guys.
  10. fatboy

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    good thing i didnt say the lakers team this year. i said in a few years with improvement. sure the defense didnt step up. it was the first year for most of the players to play under phil. all the players are young and will get better. i agree that if the team plays like they did this year they will not advance no further then they did, but i said in 2 maybe 3 years. these players with improvement can be champs. i think every player will improve. i think the guards need work, and they will get it.

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