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Lagoon Engine Einsatz


Laharl ex

There's also a related manga, but this is a special single volume one. A must get in my view reguardless if you're a fan of the franchise or the creator.

Plot Summary: Lagoon Engine Einsatz is the story of Sakis, a girl who will become a man, and King of Lagoonaria and wield the Godsword, Lagoonverse. Sakis is one who can use the powers of the Gods, and so she protects the kingdom with them. Her enemy is the intriguing Arcrave Gutlerfurwan, who commands the fabled Black Ship. On top of this person's arrival, Sakis must deal with the awakening of old and new gods and the protective barriers of Laggonaria collapsing. Sakis deals with the changes occurring in her world and her own personal change from a young girl to a man.
There is a short animated OVA-ish thing that was released in a limited box set in Japan and on a Newtype USA mag disc. I just wish this became an actual anime.


Registered Member
It sounds like Ranma with the girl gut thing. But it sounds interesting. It would be pretty cool if it were to become an anime.


It actually sounds more like Rose of Versailles.

Interesting... <D