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Lady goes nuts over lack of cupcakes


There was no picture of what the lady looks like.
She definitely has problems in her neurotic system.


still nobody's bitch
Anyone else tempted to see a picture of what this lady looks like?
That was my first thought.

I know how she feels; I made a special trip to Applebee's today because I wanted a certain sammich but the took it off the menu. I did not, however, punch anyone in the FACE.

lol @ "You expect a certain amount of risk running a bar or a pub but not in a cupcake shop,"


Registered Member
Must have been some damn good cupcakes is all I can say!

@ Jeanie, we have Applebee's here too, good food!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Maybe she was pregnant and craving. :lol: That's the only "explanation" I can think of.

I saw this report posted on my friend's facebook because she's a cupcake lover and everyone wanted to find out if she was in UK lately, haha.


Hahahaha - this story reminds me of the scene in Cabin Fever where this youngin' goes ballistic over pancakes. Speaking of that, here's the clip:

YouTube - Cabin Fever Pancakes

Police are hoping video surveillance footage will help them find the culprit.
They better YouTube that footage if they know whats good for them.