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Lady Antebellum


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No, not to be confused with Lada Gaga.. *ugh*

Is anybody else here a fan of Lady Antebellum? I've really only heard this one song but I'm leaning towards getting the album of the same title:

YouTube - Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (HD)

Also, anybody else think their lead singer looks like the GF member SuiGeneris?
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Where is my Queen?
Yeah I heard this song 1 million times on the radio, and the first few times I heard that song it was pretty good, but that song has been overplayed over and over again and it makes my head hurt. But nonetheless good song. My brother winded up getting the album, and it is not that good. Just pay $2 on itunes and just purchase the indvidual song.


Embrace the Suck
Yeah, I like Lady Antebellum, they're pretty good. The female singer has an amazing voice.


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I like this group a lot, good unique style of country with their vocals too! I like some of their songs, very up beat and mellow.



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The first time I saw Lady A on Tv, I was like "who are they??"
Then I heard their song..."Need You Now".....great song, I love it!
The video was deceiving ~LoL~
It didn't end as tho I thought it was going to...but nonetheless, I do like the song.


Yeah I love that song, but I'm not gonna buy their album. These new artists have only the 1st single that is worth listening to. The rest sound senseless.


Babeasaurus Sex
I absolutely adore them!

I love run to you and Looking For A Good Time :)

Need You Now means a lot to me and can make me cry!


I had no idea who they were until I saw their cardboard cut out in my local KFC. Haha. The girl was kind of cute, so I looked them up. I don't really care for newer country but they weren't bad. I haven't heard a lot of their stuff, but I'll probably get around to it soon.