Ladies First, your thoughts?


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In today's world woman are pushing hard to be treated exactly the same as men.

So, does "Ladies First" have a place in today's society?

Guys, do you prefer to treat ladies better than you'd treat just one of the guys or the same?

Ladies, do you prefer to be treated like one of the guys or better?



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without a doubt I follow the Ladies first rule. However I dont go out of my way to honor that system.

For instance, I will hold a door for someone how is roughly 4-5 paces behind me. That works out to be standing at the door for just a few seconds for them. If its a group of ladies I dont mind them going ahead of me in whatever line is ahead.

however if its a guy... I'll hold the door for him, but expect him to let me jump ahead of him. However I wont be upset if he doesnt offer.

When I'm at the grocery store or other type of venue like that, I dont follow the rule, seems like it would be rude to the other people further back in line and in general just holds up business.


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I dunno, I think it's a crutch for some women who think they can't get ahead on their own merits so I think everybody should be treated equal but sadly you won't find that.


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I think in today's society hybrix is right, women do push to be equal to men. But then they pull out the old ladies first trick. In my opinion, if girls want to be equal to men, then saying ladies first is an unequal statement. This being said I'm still kind of old fashioned and always put girls that are close to me before myself, especially if it's my girlfriend.


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Ladies... You do not want to be treated like one of the "guys". Well at least not like me and my friends treat each other, we act like we hate one another and seem to always end a sentence with "bitch", "fool" and the all time favorite "douche".

Be careful what you ask for, you have a good thing going.


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blue eyes has a good point. i hate it when a girl comes up and smacks or flicks me and then get angry if i playingly do it back, saying "guys can't hit girls". like they use that as an axcuse to hit guys whenever they want, with the mindset that its wrong for guys to do it back at all. granted, guys generally are stronger and can make a punch hurt more than girls can, they still shouldnt have the mindset of "i can hit him because he cant hit me back"


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as a guy, i definitely treat my girl with utmost respect, even more than she deserves sometimes.

women try very hard to be equal, and in 99% times they are, but I hate it when they take our politeness to critically, liek when I open the door and they yell at me to treat them equally, or stuff like that. it's bull... politeness is something I exact on everyone not just women.

in terms of the ladies first rule.... well, i think if women want true equality in our society, guys should be first sometimes too....... if women are always first, wheres that leave us guys? man, i feel so oppressed now! im going to call on title 9!!!


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There's a big difference between treating a woman as an equal and treating her like a man. Yes, I want to be treated equal in the sense that I want the same opportunities as guys, I want to be able to get the same jobs, make the same pay, get the same education, buy a house, etc. I however don't want to BE nor be treated like I am a guy. Women can still be thought of as equals yet be treated like ladies.


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I believe that the whole "Ladies First" thing is an aspect of feminism, which I think is really just as bad as male superiority. My main goal is equality; treat me like a human being, because that's really all that I am. I don't deserve special treatment OR condemnation for my gender.

Equality is the best way to go, though if you want to treat someone with more respect than another I suppose you would have your reasons for it.


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I've never really cared about the Ladies First rule. I've never had someone treat me with that much respect before. But now I get babied and spoiled and I can't complain. I think it's sweet, but if someone does it to the point of mocking, it's rather stupid.