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  1. Darksyde

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    I see we have no thread about lacrosse. Anyone into the sport? Indoor or outdoor? I myself amd a indoor or Box lacrosse fan. Been a Buffalo bandit Season ticket holder for 14yrs now. Just curious to see if there is anymore of you out there.

  2. Vidic15

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    Too be honest with you, I hate to watch it. And when I firstly played it, I never I was this good, I play indoor lacrosse with my mates. And even in the school sports. It's a fun sport. Shoving people around..My prefered sport
  3. andrew_bishop

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    It's not a bad sport to watch and someday I wanna see a live game but for now TV is fine.

    I play indoor lacrosse a fair bit in school with some guys and its rather fun , Truly a demanding sport to play at times.

    The only time I ever played outdoor was when I was in a rec league a few years back and I quit because everybody sucked. I had a broken arm , Playing with one arm and still lead my team in scoring.

    I don't like watching out door lacrosse very much. I don't find it as cool to watch.

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