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Hey guys, I'm just recovering from a nasty bout of this viral infection and wondered if anyone had ever suffered from it and whether you experienced the extremely scary symptom of "derealization" whilst suffering like I have?


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I have never heard of it. Is that why you've been gone for a while? Glad to hear you are alright.

What exactly is labyrinthitis?


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Hey Hybrix!

The "infection" (cos I can't be bothered spelling it again) only lasts a few weeks (I've been absent due to cash flow problems) and affects the part of your ear which controls balance. It causes severe vertigo, heart palpitations and memory problems amongst other things. The scariest symptom is the derealisation I mentioned though which makes the entire world dead surreal, almost alien, to the sufferer. Trust me, freaky as hell! Was just wondering if anyone else had exprienced this and could relate.

On a lighter note, should be in on a semi-regular basis now. This is just about the most enjoyable site on the net afterall. (Perhaps excluding the...*cough* gentlemen *cough*...sites. Haha!)


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What was the diagnosis? I mean what caused yours?

I suffer from vertigo, on and off, for eight years now. So believe me, I know how terrible that feels. I don't have the other ear complications though (if I did then I suppose it would have been full labyrinthitis). We have never fully found the cause of my vertigo. I just know that it can attack at anytime, usually at stressful periods, or if I did certain movements. I have a back up medicine with me at all times I travel far. It's called Tanganil and the molecule is Acétylleucine (probably similar in its English term).

Btw, nice to see you back.


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Sounds sorta like being drunk all the time. Good to see that you'll back around again.
Oh I wish it were just feeling drunk, haha. If Jakey is freaked out he may have the same type of dizziness of my attacks. It's very disorienting when it happens. I've also had mild anxiety symptoms related to my last attack which suddenly happened when I was out with my kids. I couldn't go home myself and we had to be accompanied by the police. It made me want to stay at home for two weeks even when the dizziness was gone.


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The labyrinth is the part of your inner ear that includes the vestibule which is responsible for your sense of equilibrium.

Glad to hear you're on the mend, Jakey. That must have been scary and maddening!


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Man, I didn't know that if your one section/part of your ear is infected that all of that can happen to your physical body. Must have been rough, but glad to hear you're better from all of that now :).