La Liga 2009/10


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Uh, I doubt you'll see many La Liga fans around here, but I do sometimes watch it and I'll be updating scores and such


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I'd like to get into La Liga, but there's just no TV coverage here on the channels that I get, just highlights. I can't wait to watch Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League this season though. They're both so stacked.


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No love around here for the league with all the best players in the world now? :lick:
This is pretty much American Based website and as well as UK based too, but they don't really follow football, except for myself, English-Emo-Boy, Echoes & Ysabel sometimes post in this section too.


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real madrid may have purchased many talents but it is always the same with real they never seem to gel just right, barcelona on the other hand seem to have an almost perfect team i can' wait for the season to start.Also very glad to see villa stay at valencia i would have been gutted if we didn't have him for another season, although i know the deadline is not over yet


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You would think all this big money spending from Real Madrid would make them huge favourites to regain the La Liga title but I'd bet against this is go for Barcelona.

I watched Barca destroy United last year in the European Cup final so I know first hand how good they are when they get it right, also with the signing of Ibrahimovic they'll be more potent up front.

Barcelona have a better team understanding, better team spirit and a more fluid in attack and with intricate passing.

You just don't know what you're going to get from Madrid but Barcelona are predictable in the fact that they'll be a steady and organised ship.