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La Jument Lighthouse


Registered Member
I saw this pic on a tv programme the other day and thought it was pretty cool so I thought I'd share it.

.............And yes, that really IS a man in the doorway! :shocked:


Haters gonna hate.
That is pretty intense. I would have scared to have been in that man's position.


Registered Member
I'm pretty sure I've seen it before somewhere. Doesn't make it any less brilliant though. I don't think that poor guy has any idea what's behind him... either that or he's out for the adrenaline... or he's just stupid :)


Registered Member
I would have laid a brown egg if I was him too KSpice. :lol:

You're absolutely right 9thEcho, he had no idea!
He is alive and well though because SOMEHOW he managed to make it back into the lighthouse safe and sound.
He was briefly on the programme too receiving a huge signed print of the pic.
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