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Discuss La Croix (and carbonated drinks)

Do you like La Croix? (and related beverages)

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It's been a huge growing trend in recent years to drink sugar free carbonated beverages. No, I'm not talking about Coke Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper, I'm talking about La Croix and other similar beverages like Perrier and seltzer waters.

I have always liked soda. The taste, the texture, how refreshing they are to drink. Unfortunately, they're packed full of sugar I don't need, caffeine, and even weird chemicals like phosphoric acid and various other things like food coloring and other acids.

I've tried seltzer water (in basically every variety you could name) and discovered that the main draw for me to soda was the texture. Kind of odd to say a drink has a texture but it's all about the carbonation for me. La Croix also has a pretty good taste on most of the available flavors. I'm amazed that they're so good despite lacking any sugar content at all.

I understand why some people really don't like seltzer waters but for me they're perfect. Carbonated water is what I tend to enjoy as a refreshing beverage these days.

What say you? Are they any good?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I always hated them...until a few years ago. We bought some of the knock off brand of La Croix just the other day. Like the Bud Light seltzer's too.

They do seem less flavorful but I've gotten used to it...and it's better for you.


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I hear you there, the flavor just isn't the same. Still, you get used to it and eventually realize you enjoy it.

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