La Cosa Nostra

La Cosa Nostra, The Mafia, The Mob... whatever you call it, who is interested in it? A fan of it? What is your favorite era? Who is your favorite of the famous five families?

I absolutely love to follow up on the mafia. I've been a fan of it and have done a lot of reading and watching about it. It has been immortalized in classics like GoodFellas, The Godfather, The Sopranos.

I have to say, I much prefer the Italian mafia over the Irish or Russian.

Vincent "Chin" Gigante and Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso are my favorite mobsters. Jimmy Hoffa is the most interesting story. I love to read all of theories on where his body is/was.


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I haven't really followed real mob stories but I've enjoyed shows like the Godfather Trilogy, Analyze This, or the Sopranos, that talk about such groups.
To talk about Italian Mafia we must remember the jewish Mafia, Charles Luccania had not been a pezzonovante without Arnold Rothstein or Meyer Lansky.


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Yea the mafia, something about having an organisation like that based upon family that indicates a sense of honour.
He was joking. The mob is like fight club, and what's the first rule...

And the mob is still alive and well in the USA, just not running everything like in their glory days. 911 helped them sneak their way back into some sort of power.

I find it is a toss-up on what interests me more, the mafia or zombies. Haha.
The mafia? I love the history on them! I'm a huge fan of it, I've seen Godfather 1 2 and 3, read a lot of the books, The godfather, The Sicilian, The godfather's revenge, The last don, Watch the sopranos, ect. I must say that they are VERY much more sophisticated then these street gangs these days, Crips, bloods, MS-13, ect. I love all of the history from it, going back to the 20s in chicago with Al Capone and the Five points gang, Going up to the 40s and 50s in New york with the five families, i'd say my favorite of the five families were the Gambinos. Murder inc. is also a good topic of the old crime era. Organized crime will always be around, probably not like the Cosa Nostra but anytime there will be something illegal as drugs, gambling, prostitution, ect. Organized crime organizations will be there to take advantage of those rackets. In all, I love the mafia, their history, and the "Golden age" of crime in the old days going from the 20s prohibition to the five families era. the mafia is very real, not so much in america anymore. its hard to get away with stuff now-a-days, Forensic evidence, Surveillance, ect.. Back then, they could pay off corrupt cops and possibly G-Men to look the other way, they were payed porely. In a way, it is good they are not as effective, but to some people it is kind of bad, because now you got these LA street gangs, who dont give a F**k and will shoot someone for some stupid reason the old mafia would of just probably sat down and talked about... THEY didnt resort to violence as much as new NYC and LA street gangs.


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Coming from Italy ill let you know that people there are not as proud of it and you definitely should not bring it up if your talking to a local. That being said...

I envy the mafia, the closest i could ever get to being a "gangster" would be to let my pants sag...