Kyo's new sig


I would like some c/c on this piece.

Also Kyo this is your do as you wish.

I think I have gotten better from the time I made that Vincent one but I would like everyone to tell me which one they think is better.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Whoooaaa 0_0; This one looks awesome, then again I still love both of mine^^; Just as soon as I figure out why my bank won't let me withdraw my money I am so gonna pay u the price I said I would. U really have improved Omega I must say and I am so happy for u! Now..time I put this in my sig >>; Either way I'm keeping them both for awhile.


Where's it from? I think it's Trinity Blood, they show it on Adult Swim, but I'm not sure.


For a Free Scotland
I have more problem with the sig height, I think it might exceed the limit.

Tantheman said:
sorry to be a party pooper but I think all the sigs that kyo has together is over a meg..
Where does it say that your sig cannot be over a meg?

Kazmarov said:
I have more problem with the sig height, I think it might exceed the limit.


I believe it is 600 down and it cannot stretch the page and these sigs are doing nether.

By the way I could be wrong.

There is alot of sh*t don't get me wrong.


I don't believe it specifically says it can't be over a meg it just strongly suggests that you don't make it over a meg. And the dimensions are 600x600 for a sig or stack of sigs.
I like them pretty well, but the borders could use some work I think, and the text could be a little clearer. Other than that, I kind of like the connection between them and such...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
If it's a problem with u guys then....I'll take something out of my sig then. I don't want anyone to argue over this really >>;*sigh* I'll just take the one that has been in my sig the longest out then^^; Just as soon as I get home from school that is.