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Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I really should update this place more often....

Meh, I need to get back into the swing of posting on this site again -.-'​
Someone has gotten amazing. I'm so jealous I wish I could do what you can! You still owe me a siggy from like....AGES ago, but I forgive you. Just stay here and love me like I love you. Hah.

Welcome back XD


Haha i have to say kyo you got really amazing at photoshop since i last saw your work. The majority of your new signatures I really am impressed by. The best thing about your work that it blends well and the colors selections are perfect fix with everything else. I like how each one is a different style than the last, something i couldnt really do with my stuff.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I update once again after AGES of not doing so. Plus you guys get to see my lastest work, as in I just finished it a couple of minutes ago, that is being worn by Sui now....soo yeah be vvveerrryyy jealous^.^

Lol, let me get on with the update then:



Btw, these tags are in no specific order >.> It's like, I was just pasting links as I went lol^.^;

Plus, as I look at my own works(two were collabs) I can't help but notice that no two are the same and that just plain makes me proud and dizzy with the variation of the stuff @[email protected]

Now people, leave me some C&C!


rainbow 11!
Dude, you're amazing. You need to come back and post more and make more sets for me lol

Seriously, everything up there is amazing. I think you've surpassed Omega. O:
My favorites are #3, 5 and 22! :D
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You definitely improved since the last time you posted on these forums. I remember when you first started doing sigs, you weren't all that great, but by the look of those sigs, it shows that you practiced and now you excel at it. Good job.