Kurt Angle Rumored To Be Joining MMA; Possible Opponents Named

Source: PWInsider.com

According to a number of sources, Kurt Angle is rumored to be surprisingly returning to action with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Dave Hawk, Angle's manager, has apparently contacted media outlets in recent days, informing that Angle is slated to make his MMA debut in 2007. Angle also recently revealed his desire to work in MMA when interviewed with magazine Real Fighter.

One name being touted as a possible opponent for Kurt Angle is former WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder, who has been making comments about fighting Angle in UFC next year. Whether this is legitimate or just a stunt to increase interest is unknown. The name of Brock Lesnar is also being thrown around as a possible opponent for Angle. The pair are no strangers to each other after having a memorable feud in WWE, which included them headlining WrestleMania in Seattle, Washington.

If Angle were to appear in MMA, it would raise the profile with the curiosity factor, which could in turn lead to higher interest levels, ratings, and PPV buyrates. His signing could also pull in the crossover fans, and even new ones.

Angle's injuries remain an issue and whether he could compete in MMA with them remains to be seen. One thing that is for certain, since his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment, Angle has become one of the most-wanted commodities in the wrestling industry.

Wow this would be really big news and maybe a big let down for Wrestling fans everwhere.


Sultan of Swat
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He's such a competetor it's not even funny. That would suck that we won't see him on WWE anymore but we can see him how he can handle himself in a real fight. He'd destroy Puter but Lesnar would be a different story.


he will get his ass kicked in mma b/c of his injuries and is stupid for trying especially right away
Shawn are you the type of person that gives up at the first sight of trouble or problems you know that you cannot handle with little effort. Like Vince said he is a competetor and loves to take on a new task.


well you will see this is a terrible descision, mma fans know what im talking about and people close to kurt
shawnesty23 said:
well you will see this is a terrible descision, mma fans know what im talking about and people close to kurt

I never said it was a good descision.