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Vince Carter said:
He does have a nose it's the six dots he has on is forhead, and that's pretty funny Piccolo but you are true Uub is the strongest human, but this subject wasn't about that, it's about how Krillin became more afraid of fighting and is getting weaker.
actually, krillin mentioned it himself at some point in the series, he doesn't have a nose.
I think the others were complaining about a horrible smell, and krillin joined in... then exclaimed WAIT I DONT EVEN HAVE A NOSE. ha ha ha.
I'm not quite sure of the details, but if i remember correctly it was during the dragon ball series, during one of the world tornements. Krillin was fighting an incredibly stinky man.

Anonym0uz Bitch

It was in the 21st TB, Krillins opponent was a man named Bacterium or something similiar, as in Bactaria, and Krillin heard everyone say how bad he smelled and then Goku reminded Krillin he has no nose, and Krillin beat him easy.


ROFL .... dude, all dragonball was was a comdey, they tried action but couldnt leave the funny lol .... that episode was hilarious


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't think this is the Kaioken I believe Goku is the only one who knows what the Kaioken, like Piccolo said I believe it's just him putting all is energy for one blow.


yeah i'd also have to agree, all the blue arua isnothing more then him putting power in shots