Kratos or Master Chief?

Why Kratos would win:

1. He has magic. has MC's armor been magic tested? I don't think so.
2. As an RPG character, Kratos levels up. MC does not have this benefit. At best he could get better equipment than he had.
3. Kratos is an angel. As such, he can fly
4. Kratos does not age. The dude is old. There's a lot a guy can learn with over 4 millennium.


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I never played God of War. But the MC is only as good as his weapons and armor etc. And I am a big Halo fan too....but

Kratos would win if he has magic and shit like that.


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I'm pretty sure we're not talking about that Kratos, Mal.

We're talking about the ultimate gaming badass. Master Chief stands no chance. Never did. Energy sword? Pfft, how about two enchanted chain swords fueled by undying hatred?