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Kovalev's comments...


Registered Member
Anyone else pissed over Kovalev's comments about PK Subban and his contract?

Doesn't know how PK got that type of money. Says he's high risk, high reward. Makes a lot of bad decisions...

For christs sake, Kovalev, how little do you forget when you cried like a little bitch at centre ice of a wittle slash. Piss off. Kovalev only played when he wanted to play. He was highly talented but his work ethic was awful.

Then he compares PK to Brian Leetch. The Same Brain Leetch that make 9.68 MILLION in 2003.

So he does not understand how he got the money, compares him to Brian Leetch, who once got paid MORE money 12 years ago.


Registered Member
Im glad he said them. Subban will just use it as motivation. He's not that far off though, subban does play very risky. but Subban will just brush it off and show who he is. no biggy


Registered Member
I am just upset over how ignorant a human being like Kovalev could be ;) He played with Leetch, when Leetch was making over 9 million...
Coming from a guy who had just enough heart to play 1 game out of 5, I just find this ridiculous. Kovalev only seems bitter about being forced to leave Montreal when the core of the team was changed a few years back.

What about his comments on Patch being the next captain?


Registered Member
why not. time for the youg palyers to be the leaders


The return shall be legenday!
I'm torn by this as Kovy was my boy during his montreal days but..I'll take a heart soul type player like Subban over a half hearted floater like Kovalev any day. Lots of upside to Subban, he's young, dynamic and will probably be an elite d-man as he and his game matures.
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