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PC Games Kotor Mmorpg?!?!


Not a Scientologist
BioWare has formed a new online team to create a Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic massively multiplayer online game, EGM reports. By Grabthar's hammer this had better not be a joke. You can joke about Nintendo sequels and European release dates all you want, but you do not fuck with us about KOTOR, and especially a KOTOR MMO.

I got this from Digg, it looks like it's definatly going to be made if they already have a team to do it. I agree with who wrote this, though. No where near everyone should be a Jedi. It should be only for the most elite players. Once you hit level 70 or so, you get to train to become a Jedi, no sooner. Having thousands of low level Jedi running around would annoy the hell out of me.