Kosovo declares independence


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Looks like trouble is around the corner once again.. :mellow:

The ethnic Albanian majority of Kosovo has declared itself independent from Serbia. Serbia doesn't approve. Russia backs Serbia, US and 'Europe' back the Albanians.. Will be an interesting game of chess.. How far will each go to support their claims?
I doubt the Albanians will change their minds.. nor will the Serbians give in.. And like always, NATO finds itself in a very 'unlucky' position. Present to protect the Albanians, but willing to use violence? If so, what will the Russians do? Another stunt like they did in the Kosovo War?

Scary situation..

What do you guys think? Is it good for 'us' to support an independent Kosovo? And what should be 'our' strategy to achieve this? Will Serbia and Russia give in?
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We almost always support a nation wanting to be sovereign. With that being said, the Kosovo War was a total disaster.

We are going to have to wait things out first and see what the diplomats have to say before we know about any military action.
It was going to happen, sooner or later. So the question was how, and whether it would be done with any kind of grace whatsoever, I think. On the part of Kosovo's government on the one hand, and on the part of Russia and the US, as well as the EU on the other.

I'm hopeful the discussion is going to be a little more than what sort of nato- mission we're going to send, though.. Obviously, it's going to be a serious problem, if it turns out that we're going to have to pass this one over to the US and Nato - since this is our backyard. And we are able to make the transition go relatively smoothly by covering for Kosovo outside of the East- west problematic. Because this is really an issue that Europe left festering, and never really took care of. And we saw the return of ethnic cleansing in Europe because of that inaction. Which also gave the US and Russia a much bigger part to play than anyone of us really would wish for, if we wanted less tension in the end. For the simple reason that there is no independence to be had if you ally yourself with either one.

Then again - if it means we're rewarding separatists with EU- membership(or just lucrative new trade), then we're going to have the same problem. So I'm curious about how this is going to turn out as well - we knew this would come, of course... but I'd rather it didn't, to tell you the truth. I favoured a separate government and a province, at first. Because even if it's not going to be war locally on this, it's going to sour international relations even more than it is at the moment.

And we don't need that now.


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It seems like the Balkans are getting more peaceful and more democratic the more they separate, and Kosovo has no reason to be included and ruled by Serbia. Independence sounds good to me.

It'll be interesting to see how the NATO, EU, and UN all approach this in the coming weeks.
Still - they're dependent on an external police- force to maintain their independence. They're also depending on somehow gaining full free trade and enjoying open realations with everybody to survive.. Some separatist- movement..


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I wonder if the Kurds will see this as a green light to nationalize Kurdistan?
I doubt that. The Kosovars knew that they could count on the US and most of the EU to recognize their independance. The Kurds, on the other hand, probably would not be recognized by anyone.


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The Kurds also would need a significant military prescense if they declared independence, as Turkey would probably do more serious ground offenses then they currently do now to get rid of rebel establishments. I'd imagine it'd be like Lebanon of recent memory.